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Canada Unit

Social Studies Unit Test

Compared to other countries how large is Canada? Canada is the second largest country in land area, Russia is the 1st.
Explain how the St. Lawrence river benefits Canada's Economy? Shipping goods to and from the Atlantic.
Why do most Canadians live near the US-Canadian Border? Better Climate, and more job opportunities.
Describe the Canadian Shield and how it benefit's Canada's economy? The Canadian Shield surrounds Hudson Bay, it is rocky, and has lots of minerals. These minerals include gold, silver, and copper. The mining industry also creates lots of jobs in this area.
Which environmental problems are greatest near the Great Lakes? Water Pollution, factories in the US and Canada used the lakes as a dumping ground which pollutes the water, and makes the fish unsafe to eat.
What are Canada's political divisions called? Provinces and Territories
How did Canada gain its independence? Peacefully or with warfare? Peacefully. After WW1 was over, Canada gained national recognition for their services.
Which two European countries explored Canada between 1400-1700 CE? France and Great Britain
Explain the significance of the Quebec Act. The Quebec Act allowed French to be the official language of Quebec and allow them to keep the French Culture.
Which Providence would you find a separatist? Quebec
Which Movement did Charles De Gaulle begin in 1967 when he remarked, Long Live a Free Quebec?
Why do French people in Quebec want their own country? French people in Quebec want their own country to ensure their culture, language, and religion are protected.
What is a referendum? A referendum is a general vote by the electoral on a single political question that has been referred to them for a direct decision.
What is a failed referendum? A general vote that has failed.
Nunavut was created in 1999 for what group of people? The Inuits
Who is the leader of Canada's Government? The Prime Minister
Explain how the leader of Canada's Government is chosen. A person becomes prime minister by being leader of the political party that wins the most seats in the House of Commons in a Canadian federal election.
Why does Canada have two official languages, and what are they? French and English. Canada was colonized by both Great Britain and France.
Explain the role of citizens in choosing the leader of Canada? (Parliamentary democracy) Citizens vote for the members of Parliament, and those members choose the Prime Minister. They also elect regional government officials. They also vote on issues such as, whether or not Quebec should be an independent country.
Who is Canada's largest trading partner? USA
Describe the role of natural resources in Canada's economy.
Explain Voluntary Trade When products and goods are exchanged for other products or services, the result is a trade. Voluntary trade describes a market where buyers and sellers have the right to sell and buy by their own preference or refuse to if they so choose.
Explain the function of NAFTA The North American Free Trade Agreement, abbreviated NAFTA, is an agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico that eliminated tariffs and duties on trade between the three countries.
How does literacy rate affect standard of living? Good Economy=Better Education= Better Jobs
What are some ways that Canada is investing in human capital
Explain the relationship between a country invest in human capital and the country's GDP Canada's GDP is getting higher so they need more human capital goods.
List some ways Canada invest in capital goods. Updating technology and building new factories
Explain the relationship between investing in capital goods and a country's GDP.
Created by: wyneelong