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Latin America

Latin America Physical Features

Latin America is called Latin America because of these three languages spoken there. Spanish, Portuguese, and French
This deep inlet of sea surrounded by the Florida and Yucatan peninsulas is known for its strong ocean currents. Gulf of Mexico
This warm Atlantic sea surrounds the Lesser and Greater Antilles Caribbean Sea
This French engineer was nicknamed "The Gravedigger" for his failed attempt at the Panama Canal construction. Ferdinand de Lesseps
The Panama Canal was finally finished under this man's presidency. Teddy Roosevelt
Second longest river system in the world, with the largest discharge of freshwater on Earth. Amazon River
This Mexican mountain range is home to many indigenous tribes. Sierra Madre Mountains
The largest mountain range in South America, that spans down the western side of the continent. Andes Mountains
Highest peak in the Andes Mountains at 22,841 feet. Mount Aconcagua
The driest desert in the world, some parts not seeing rain for over 400 years. Atacama Desert
This phenomenon is the reason the Atacama Desert exists directly next to the Andes Mountains. Rain Shadow Effect
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