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Data Warehouse

Identify accomplishments in the lab era of relational database technology.
What company emerged as the initial market leader for relational database technology? IBM
What was the first SQL standard with some data warehouse features? SQL:1999
The performance limitation inhibiting data warehouse deployment in the 1980s was Inability of a single database to support both transaction processing and business intelligence
The management reason inhibiting the deployment of data warehouses in the 1980s is Lack of integration among transaction databases and external data sources
Subject-oriented indicates that a data warehouse is organized around: business entities such as customers, products, and employees.
Integrated indicates that a data warehouse involves: many transformations to unify source data from operational databases and external data sources
Time-variant indicates that a data warehouse contains snapshots of business processes captured at different points in time
Nonvolatile indicates that a data warehouse uses new data appended periodically with relatively few updates of existing data
Select choices about data characteristics that differentiate data warehouses from operational databases.
Intangible benefits of a data warehouse may include
The scope in a data warehouse maturity model refers to the
The scope learning curve has the following characteristics
The scope learning curve and data transformation learning curve both have
The project relationship graphs demonstrate tradeoffs between
The top down or data warehouse approach has
The bottom up or data mart approach has
The gaps in the data warehouse maturity model demonstrate
Advantages for using a data warehouse cloud service are:
Disadvantages for using a data warehouse cloud service are:
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