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Vocabulary CLTTH 6

words from "The Gift of the Magi"

predominate to be greater in number or amount than other types of people or things; to be more successful or powerful than other people or things
parsimony unwillingness to spend money; being cheap
instigate begin, start
prosperity success usually determined by making a lot of money; a time of plenty
coax to persuade (a person or animal) to do something by talking gently
agile able to move quickly and easily
ransack to search (a place) for something in a way that causes disorder or damage
chaste morally pure or decent: not sinful
on the sly secretly, in a way that is hidden so no one knows
prudence careful good judgment that allows someone to avoid danger or risks
patent obvious or clear
an air a quality that a person or thing has
scrutiny examination and thoughtful consideration
assertion defense of; upholding of
ardent very strong and intense
thin slender
spin twirl
Madame (Mme.) Mrs.
tortoise turtle
cascade waterfall
intoxication drunkenness
mammoth huge; a giant elephant (now extinct)
peculiar odd, unusual, strange
tresses locks, hair
chronicle history
narrative story
Magi an allusion to the three wise men/kings who traveled to visit the infant Jesus; they began the tradition of gift giving at Christmas
Created by: murmansk