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Literary Terms CLTTH

words used to discuss different texts

What is a genre? a category or classification; things with similar characteristics are grouped together
What are five literary genres? fiction, non-fiction, essay, poetry, drama
Which type of text has a plot? fiction
Which type of text is usually written to express an opinion and to persuade? essay
Which type of text is written primarily (mostly) to give facts? non-fiction
Which type of text is written to be watched rather than read? drama
Which type of text is not written in prose? poetry
What are two types of conflict? internal and external
What are four forms of conflict? character vs. character, character vs. society, character vs. supernatural force, character vs. himself
What are two types of point of view? first person and third person
What are three types of irony? situational, verbal and dramatic
Do all poems tell a story? no, concrete poems often create a picture, lyrics (and sonnets) express a feeling, a haikus creates and image
Is a ballad a narrative poem intended to be sung? yes- Remember the song "Coat of Many Colors"
If you are reading a non-fiction article, should you try to identify the event that is the climax of the story? no- non-fiction does not always have a plot.
Is a lyric poem is written to express a feeling? Yes and a sonnet is a special type of lyric poem.
Does a haiku have a form? yes it is always short, usually 3 lines and 17 syllables with 5 in the first line, 7 syllables in the 2nd and 5 in the third
What is the first part of plot in a work of fiction? the exposition
What do you call the character or voice that tells the story in a work of fiction? the narrator
What do you call exact and precise language spoken without exaggeration or unusual comparisons or creative description? literal language- like the way you would need to speak in court or about legal issues
What is a type of conflict/ problem in which a character/person has choices -neither is good? a dilemma
What do you call a set of four lines in a poem? a quatrain
What is the sequence (order) of events in a novel or short story (work of fiction) called? the plot- a basic structure of 5 parts: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, conclusion
What is a part of the exposition of the story: it can reveal the time, place and environment? the setting
What is a reference within a reading to a well-known person, movie, work of literature, music, etc.called? an allusion
What occurs when what is expected does not happen or is not said; the opposite is said or occurs? irony (verbal= spoken; situational = circumstances)
What is the longest part of plot because it includes every event that develops or creates conflict? the rising action of a fictional work
What is an object, event, color (sometimes a person) that represents more than itself- it has an abstract meaning that might only be known or understood by an individual or a particular group? a symbol
What is a part of a poem, a group of lines? a stanza
What do you call writing that is not poetry:ordinary writing? prose
What type of conflict occurs when a person or character struggles in his/ her own mind and heart? internal conflict
What type of language uses unusual comparisons, exaggeration and the giving human qualities to things ? figurative language
What is the one event in the story that indicates a turning point or crisis that has consequences? the climax of a fictional work
What type of poem has a very strict form: a specific rhyme scheme, a specific rhythm, only 14 lines, 3 quatrains and one couplet? a sonnet
What are two words that sound the same? rhyming words
What do you call two words in the same line that sound the same? internal rhyme
What do you call two words in two different lines that sound the same? end rhyme
What do you call a pattern of end rhyme? the rhyme scheme
What do you call a part of a poem: two lines in a row with end rhyme? a couplet
What do you call a figure of speech that is an exaggeration? a hyperbole (I was waiting forever.)
What do you call a figure of speech that directly compares two unlike things? a metaphor (You are my sunshine.)
What do you call a figure of speech that indirectly compares two unlike things using like or as? a simile (You are LIKE my sunshine.)
What do you call a figure of speech that gives human characteristics to inanimate things? personification (The flowers danced in the field.)
What do you call words that are not really used today, but are still seen especially in literature and religious texts? archaic language
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