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Civics CH 6

Mccarty ch 6 TEST Legislative Branch

constituents people represented
bills proposed laws
gerrymander an oddly shaped district designed to increase the voting strength of a particular group
standing committees permanent groups that decide the fate of proposed bills
congress is _______, which means that it has two houses. bicameral
Permanent committees that continue their work from session to session are called: Standing committees
The elastic clause allows Congress to: stretch it's powers to meet new needs.
In impeachment proceedings, the House may _______, but the Senate must______. Impeach / Convict
One of the duties of Committee staff members is to deal with lobbyists.
People seek help from members of Congress because it is hard to deal with the federal bureaucracy.
In which order are the following actions taken on congressional bills? committee action floor action conference action
A congressional ________________ of a presidential veto is rare. override
A term of congress... ...lasts for 2 years.
Why do political parties sometimes gerrymander their districts? to increase their voting strength?
Congress gets it's lawmaking powers from the... ...constitution.
The no legislative powers of congress include the power to... ...check the other government powers.
The seniority system is... ...used by party leaders to make committee assignments.
...part of the lawmaking process? debating bills on the floor of congress is...
After being introduced on the floor, a bill moves to... ...the appropriate standing committee.
a filibuster can be ended by... ...three-fifths of the senators voting for cloture.
Which is the most basic and important power? the power to make laws.
A twenty-eight-year-old citizen could be elected... ...only to the house of representatives.
What qualification do both houses of congress have in common? Members must live in the state they represent.
Congress cannot... ...favor one state over another.
Laws that make an act a crime after the act has been committed is ex post facto
congress people enjoy many privileges, one of these is the privilege of sending work related mail for free. This is called: franking privilege.
Congress is considered a bicameral body because... ...it has two parts.
How many members are there in the united states congress 535
The political party to which more than half of the members belongs is called the... ...majority party.
The vice president is the leader of the Senate, and the chairperson is the... ...President Pro Tempore
The work that a lawmaker does to help constituents with a problem is called... ...casework.
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