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Ch. 5 Excel Vocab

Excel Ch. 5 Vocab

Web browser Software that enables you to view web sites on the internet
Web page Information published on the world wide web that can include text, graphics and can link to other pages
World Wide Web (WWW.) A network of computers located in businesses, research foundations, schools, homes, that allows you to search and share information
Web query the process of pulling data from a web page into an excel worksheet
Refresh the process of updating the data copied to a worksheet through a query
Embed Copying data from one document to another, so that the tools from the original applications are made available in the destination application for editing. Because no link to the original data is created, editing does not affect the original data.
Link A reference to data stored in another file. When that data is changed, the data is updated in the destination
Template A workbook with certain preset labels, formulas, and formatting that you use to create commonly used worksheets, such as monthly invoices or balance sheets.
Comment A text note attached to a worksheet cell.
Footer Repeated information that appears in the top margin of a page.
Header Repeated information that appears in the top margin of a page.
Page Setup A dialog box that includes options to control the appearance of printed output.
Print Options Selections that control what, where,and how many copies of the output to print.
Page break
Page Break Prview
Print area
Print Titles
Copied cells
Destination cells
External references
3-D formula
3-D reference
Duplicate workbook window
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