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Exam 1

chapter 31,32,33,34

Which major tissue type exhibits the shortening of its cells (i.e., contraction) as a major function? Muscle
Which of the following tissue types are attached to a basal lamina or basement membrane? Epithelial
Connective tissue serves to support and bind other tissues. Which of the following is NOT an example of connective tissue? Neurons
Which of the following characteristics would be true of an epithelium specialized for exchange by diffusion (e.g., a respiratory epithelium)? Thin with a relatively large surface area
In all animals, the largest percentage of the body's fluids are located in the: intracellular compartment.
In negative feedback, the variable being regulated is changed in the _______ direction, while in positive feedback the variable is changed in the ________ direction. opposite, same
In contrast to regulators, animals that are conformers: have a feature of their internal body composition that matches their external surroundings.
In the blood clotting process, platelets arrive at the site of damage and start secreting substances to attract more platelets. More platelets arrive at the site and secrete attractants to recruit more platelets. This is an example of: positive feedback.
Which of the following is not one of the four tissue types? Squamal
Which of the following lists the organization of a mammalian body from least to most complex? Cell—tissue—organ—organ system
An organ must contain at least: two different tissue types
The energy expenditure of a mammal at rest under controlled conditions is referred to as its basal metabolic rate.
All of the following are methods used to exchange heat with the environment except diffusion.
Assess the merits of each action potential analogy; select the representation that corresponds most accurately. An action potential happens like a row of dominoes falling; the signal has constant velocity and constant strength no matter how long the row of dominoes may be.
If you touch a hot stove and burn your hand, the pain isn’t actually in your hand—it’s in your head. What evidence can you provide to substantiate this claim? Sensory neurons and interneurons carry the heat sensation to the brain where it is interpreted as painful.
Duct tape is to its cardboard roll as the myelin sheath is to the axon.
The part of the axon closest to the cell body is the hillock.
You are out at night and hear a sound in the bushes. The electrical signal carrying this information to your brain is carried first by a sensory neuron
What type of neuron is responsible for carrying electrical signals AWAY from the CNS to elicit a response in the body? motor neuron
In a reflex arc, the correct sequence of cell types through which an electrical signal would pass would be sensory neuron  interneuron in the CNS  motor neuron
20) Interneurons are responsible for the distribution of sensory information and the coordination of motor activity. They are also involved with all higher functions, such as memory, planning, and learning. The more complex the response to a given stimul Interneurons likely outnumber all other types of neurons combined.
the electrical difference across a neuronal membrane is measured in millivolts.
When the cell is NOT sending signals, the electrical difference between the inside and outside of a neuronal membrane is specifically referred to as the resting potential.
In a neuron at rest, the membrane is most permeable to potassium.
The critical function of the sodium-potassium pump of neurons is to move Na+ out of the cell and K+ into the cell.
When a neuron undergoes a change in membrane potential that is proportional to (i.e., varies depending on) the strength of the stimulus given to that neuron, this is referred to as a/an graded potential.
The period following an action potential during which a neuron cannot be stimulated to generate another action potential is referred to as the refractory period.
Saltatory conduction is a term applied to the "jumping" movement of action potentials along myelinated axons.
Synaptic vesicles discharge their contents by exocytosis at the presynaptic membrane.
An excitatory neurotransmitter will produce an ______ that will ____ the postsynaptic neuron. EPSP, depolarize
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