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Health Drugs/Medicin

HS Health Roske Chapter 19/22 TEST

Medicine drugs that are used to treat or prevent diseases or other conditions
additive interaction when medicines work together in a positive way
antagonistic interaction when the effect of one medicine is canceled or reduced when taken with another medicine
medicine misuse using a medicine in ways other than the intended use
medicine abuse intentionally taking medicines for non-medical reasons
illegal drugs chemical substances that people may not lawfully make, buy, or sell
substance abuse unnecessary or improper use of chemical substances for non-medical purposes
designer drugs drugs made to imitate the effects of other drugs
opiates drugs prescribed for pain relief
depressants drugs that slow down the central nervous system
medicines that PREVENT disease include vaccines
What kind of pathogen do antibiotics destroy? bacteria
what are medicines called that are delivered in a fine mist or powder? inhaled medications
the cost of the medicine... ...does not have to appear on an OTC medicine label
examples of medicine misuse: taking a medicine for a shorter period than prescribed mixing medicines without the knowledge of the provider taking another person's medicine
What part of health does drug abuse effect? All parts. Physical, mental, social, emotional.
Females who smoke marijuana may experience a decrease in... ...fertility.
Dangers of stimulant drugs include... ...addiction
an opiate drug that is used in some prescription cough medicine is... ...codeine
Penalties are higher for selling or using drugs... ...near a school.
Drugs are... ...substances other than food that change the structure or function of the body or mind.
The most commonly used medicines are... analgesics (pain relievers.)
reactions to medicine other than the one intended are called... ...side effects.
Additive interaction when medicines work together in a positive way.
tolerance when the body becomes used to the effect of a medicine and requires a larger dose.
withdrawal... ...occurs when a person stops using a medicine on which he or she has a physiological dependence.
In the United States, all medicines must meet standards set by the Food and Drug Administration
A prescription medicine can be dispensed only by a licensed... ...pharmacist.
A strong, sometimes fatal reaction to taking a large amount of a drug is called a... ...drug overdose.
Anabolic-androgenic Steroids... ...are synthetic substances similar to male sex hormones.
Needing a drug in order to feel good is a sign of... Psychological Dependence
Injecting drugs with a needle increases the risk of... Hepatitis B
Marijuana is a... ...gateway drug
Examples of inhalants glue aerosols paint gasoline
stimulants... ...may cause malnutrition
Ecstasy Both a stimulant and a hallucinogen
Oxycodone is a prescription drug that contains a strong... ...opiate.
The treatment process for drug addiction is called... ...rehabilitation.
Outpatient drug-free treatment usually does not include... ...medications.
Short answer: How do vaccines work? Vaccines contain weakened/dead pathogens. The body produces specific antibodies to fight against those pathogens. Once the body is done fighting those pathogens, it knows how to make the antibodies needed to fight that disease.
Short answer: What is the difference between prescription medicines and over the counter medicines? Prescription meds can only be dispensed with written approval from a health care provider. OTC medications can be purchased without a prescription.
Short answer: Identify two positive or negative factors that may influence teens decisions about illegal drug use. Peer pressure, family members, role models, media messages, perceptions, misleading information. Explain how these could be positive or negative.
Short answer: Explain how smoking marijuana can negatively affect all three sides of the health triangle. Physical: Respiratory damage. Mental: slowed mental reflexes, paranoia. Social: less time spent with friends who do not smoke marijuana.
Define Opioid, and list 4 types. Pain relieving drugs. heroin, oxycodone, Percocet, Vicodin, morphine, fentanyl.
Why are inhalants so commonly abused? Easiest to access.
List 3 ways a person can misuse medicine. take it too long or short, stop use without doctors knowing, take someone else's medication, mix with other medicines.
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