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skeletal day 1

skeletal system

question answer
Name the 5 living tissues. Bone tissue ,Cartilage, Dense Connective tissue , blood , and Nervous tissue
Bones are classified by __________________. Shape
Have long axes and expanded ends. Long bones
Somewhat cube-like . Length and width are somewhat equal. Short bones
Plate-like with broad surface Flat bones
Come in variety of shapes, usually connected to several other bones. Irregular bones
They're small ,nodular, embedded in the Tendents. Sesamoid bones
Expanded portion at the end of the bone. Epiphysis
Layer of cartilage on outside of Epiphysis called _____________________. Articular Cartilage
Shaft of the bone between the epiphysis Diaphysis
Vascular covering of fibrous tissue that encloses the bone . Helps form and repair bone tissue. Periosteum
tightly packed bone on wall of diaphysis Compact bone
Consist of numerous branching bony plates. Space between these plates reduce the bones weight. Spongy bone
The inside lined with a thin layer of cells. Marrow
Bone cells are called _____________. Osteocyte
Osteocytes communicate with nearby cell this process is called________. Ossification
Bone tissue is mostly composed of ______&_________ that gives bones its strength , hardness,and resilience . collagen & cartilage
In compact bone , the osteocytes form tightly packed cylinder units called _______________. osteon
What does the central canal contain that nourish bone cells? Blood vessels and nerves
Skeletal systems begins to form the first few _______ of prenatal development> weeks
The 2 ways bones are formed . Intramembranous Bones & Endochondral Bones
Osteoblast Builds bone / replace bone matrix
Osteoclasts Destroys bone / dissolves bone
2 types of osteocytes Osteoclasts & osteoblast
Vitamin ____ is necessary to absorb calcium . Without it the bone will soften and deform . D
Hormones can help the bones by? Forming and Strengthen
What can stress the bone(s) and cause to thicken and strengthen Excersise
2 Major portions of the body Appendicular and axial
Supports and protect the organs of head neck and trunk Axial
Has cranium and facial bones Skull
Neck and below lower jaw Hyoid bone
Many vertebrae that connects & forms spine Vertebral column
Protects viscera of the thoracic cavity and upper abdomen . Has 12 pairs of ribs connected to the vertebrae and sternum Thoracic cage
Consist of the bones of the upper and lower limbs and the bones that attach them to the axial skeleton Appendicular
Scapula and clavicle connected to upper limb Pectoral girdle
Humorous , ulna,& radius , 8 carpals , metacarpals , & phalanges Upper limbs
2 hip bones connected to lower limbs to the axial skeleton form pelvis Pelvic girdle
Femur(thigh) tibia(shin) fibula (lower leg bone)7 tarsals (ankle) metalltorsals (foot bones) and phalanges (toes) Lower limb
Hollow chamber inside the bone. Medullary cavity
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