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Bryz 17 Final Review

Medical Terminology Final Exam Review for T1 2017

Acetabulum Also known as the hip socket
Acromegaly Condition where there is an abnormal enlargement of the hands and feet
Alopecia Partial or complete loss of hair that occurs most commonly on the scalp
Amenorrhea Absence of menstrual periods for 3 or more months
Anatomy Study of structures in the body
Andropause Decrease of the male hormone testosterone
Anterior Front portion of the body (opposite of posterior)
Anuria Absence of urine formation by the kidneys
Apnea Temporary absence of spontaneous respiration
Arthroplasty Surgical repair of a damaged joint
Asphyxia Loss of consciousness that occurs when the body cannot get the oxygen it needs to function
Astigmatism A condition in which the eye does not focus properly because of uneven curvature of the cornea
Atrophy Weakness or wearing away of body tissues and structures
Azoospermia Absence of sperm in the semen
Bloodborne Transmission Pathogens that are spread through blood or body fluids often times with open wounds and mucous membranes
Bradycardia Abnormally slow heart rate
Cardiac Relates to the heart
Cardiomyopathy Describes all diseases of the heart muscle
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Artificial respirations and external cardiac compressions
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome When tendons that pass through the carpal tunnel are chronically overused and become inflamed and swollen
Colostomy Surgical creation of an opening between the colon and abdominal wall
Cramp Painful localized muscle spasm often named for its cause
Crepitation Grating sound heard when the ends of broken bone move together
Cyst Abnormal sac containing fluid, gas, or semisolid materials
Delusion Is a false personal belief that is maintained despite obvious proof or evidence to the contrary
Eclampsia More serious form of preeclampsia characterized by convulsions and sometimes coma
Endemic Referring to a disease that is regularly found in an area or with a group of people
Epidemic Referring to a disease that is spread throughout a community at a given time
Ergonomics This is the study of human factors that affect the design and operation of tools and the work environment
Eupnea Normal breathing
Hallucination Sensory perception experienced in the absence of external stimulation
Hematochezia Presence of bright red blood in the stool
Hemorrhagic Stroke Occurs when a vessel in the brain leaks
Hyperopia Also known as farsightedness
Ischemic Stroke This type of stroke occurs when the flow of blood to the brain is blocked
Localized Allergic Response Also known as a cellular response
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Used to image soft tissue structures such as the interior complex of joints
Menarche Beginning of the menstrual function
Metastasis The new site that is formed when a cancer spreads
Muscular Dystrophy Group of genetic diseases that are characterized by progressive weakness and degeneration of the skeletal muscles that control movement
Myopia Also known as nearsightedness
Necrotizing Fasciitis This is a severe infection caused by bacteria commonly known as "flesh-eating"
Nephrolith Kidney stone (renal calculus)
Nocturnal Enuresis Bed-wetting
Nulligravida A woman who has never been pregnant
Nullipara This is a woman who has never borne a viable child
Oligomenorrhea Infrequent or very light menstruation in a woman with previously normal periods
Palpation Examination technique that uses the examiner's hands to feel the texture and location of certain body parts
Pandemic Outbreak of a disease that occurs over a large geographic area, potentially world-wide
Parasite Plant or animal that lives on or within another living organism at the expense of that organism
Patella Knee-cap
Perimenopause Transition phase between regular menstrual periods and no periods at all
Physiology Study of the structural functions of the body
Placenta Previa Abnormal implantation of the placenta in the lower portion of the uterus
Plaque Fatty deposit on an artery wall
Pneumothorax Accumulation of air or gas in the pleural space that causes the lung to collapse
Positron Emission Tomography Combines tomography with radionuclide tracers
Posterior Back portion of the body (opposite of anterior)
Preeclampsia Characterized by hypertension, edema, and proteinuria
Priapism A painful erection that lasts 4 hours or more
Pruritus Itching
Ptosis Drooping of the upper eyelid
Radiography (X-ray) used to visualize fractures and other bone abnormalities
Red Bone Marrow Forms some blood cells
Sign Evidence of disease, such as a fever, that can be observed by the patient and others
Singultus Hiccups
Sprain Injury to a joint such as the ankle, knee, or wrist
Symptom What a patient is subjectively experiencing
Systemic Allergic Response (Anaphylaxis) Severe full-body response to an allergen
Tachycardia Abnormally rapid heartbeat
Thoracotomy Surgical incision into the chest wall to open the pleural cavity for biopsy or treatment
Tibia Shin bone
Trachea Also known as the windpipe
Vector-Borne Transmission Spread of diseases by the bite of an infected animal
Yellow Bone Marrow Stores fat
Debridement Removal of dirt, damaged tissue, and cellular debris from a wound
Myopathy Any pathological change or disease in a muscle
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