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Bryz Ch 15 Med Term

Medical Terminology Chapter 15 Terms - Updated

Acetaminophen Analgesic that reduces pain and fever but doesn’t relieve inflammation
Adverse Drug Reaction (side effect) – undesirable reaction that accompanies the principal response for which the drug was taken
Analgesic class of drugs that relieves pain without affecting consciousness
Anti-Inflammatory relieves inflammation and pain without affecting consciousness
Antipyretic medication administered to prevent or reduce fever
Arthrocentesis Surgical puncture into the joint, usually to remove fluid
Auscultation Listening with a stethoscope - usually done with the lungs and breathing
Capillary Puncture Technique used when only a small amount of blood is needed as a specimen for a blood test
Compliance Patient’s consistency and accuracy in following the regimen prescribed by a health care professional
Contraindication Factor in the patient’s condition that makes the use of medication or specific treatment dangerous or ill-advised
Endoscope small flexible tube with a light and a lens on the end
Heart Murmur Abnormal heart sound that is most commonly a sign of defective heart valves
Idiosyncratic Reaction an unexpected reaction to a drug that is peculiar to the individual
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Uses a combination of radio waves and a strong magnetic field to produce images. Hard tissues are dark, soft tissues are gray.
Pain Sometimes called the fifth vital sign
Palliative substance that eases the pain or severity of the symptoms of a disease
Paradoxical Reaction Result of medical treatment that yields the exact opposite of normally expected results
Percussion Assessment of a part of the body by tapping with the fingers
Perfusion The ability of blood to pass through an organ or make it to the body's tissues
Pericardiocentesis Surgical puncture into the pericardial sac in order to remove fluid
Positron Emission Tomography combines tomography with radionuclide tracers to produce enhanced images of selected body organs or areas
Rale crackle-like lung sound during inspiration
Rhonchi Course rattling sounds somewhat like snoring
Sublingual Administration Under the tongue drug administration
Urinalysis Physical and chemical analysis of the urine for certain normal and potential abnormal elements
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