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Animate Exam

Study Guide

If a Panel is missing, you can go to this menu to add it back to the Workspace. Window
Where should an object being animated be? In it's own layer
What is the Library panel used for? Organizing files and creating folders in Animate
How do you insert a keyframe? F6
What makes a movie clip symbol different from a graphic symbol? It has it's own timeline
What is the small black triangle in the bottom right corner of a tool mean? There are more tools grouped with that particular tool
What happens when you decrease the Alpha? It makes an object more transparent
What tool can be used to select individual anchor points and handles that make up a shape? Sub-selection tool
What is a smooth transition from one color to another called? Gradient
Which key allows you to make a copy of an object? Alt Key
What is .swf? The file extension of an Adobe Animate movie that can be viewed in the Flash Player, inserted into a Web page, and can be created by pressing Ctrl + Enter
What is the selection tool? A tool that can be used to select areas of a standard-drawing object, or to bend lines created in either drawing mode
What happens when you insert a Blank Keyframe? Clears an object from the stage in order to draw something else
What tool is used to change the fill color of closed shapes? Paint bucket
What is the Standard-Drawing mode? The fill and stroke are treated as separate parts; you can individually select each part, and move or modify each part without affecting the other
What do you need to do to fill an object? Connect the lines, break the object apart if drawn in Object mode, and close large gaps
What tool allows you to resize, rotate, distort, or skew an object? Free Transform
What is the file extension that allows you to open and edit in Adobe Animate? .fla
What is a spline? The motion tween's dotted path
What is a keyframe? The point in time at which a frame changes
Which panel is used to center an object horizontally and vertically on the stage? The Align Panel
What is the Stage? The main working area in Adobe Animate
What do you use to re-arrange the top-to-bottom order of ojbects on the Stage? Layers in the Timeline
What is the Object-Drawing mode? An item you created with a blue bounding box around the object, and you cannot select the fill and stroke individually on the main stage.
What does the pen tool do? It is used to create shapes with Bezier curves
What does the pencil tool do? It is used to draw freeform lines that follow the path of the cursor
What does the Shape Tween do? Causes the illusion of one object morphing into another between keyframes.
If you draw an object in frame 1 and you want to keep it visible and unchanged for 20 frames, what would you do? insert a frame in frame 20
To change the size of the stage, what would you use? Properties Panel or Go to Modify>Document
Created by: lujanj