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Chapter 15

Medical Terms

Iridectomy Excision of all or part of the iris
Keratocele Herniation of the cornea
Iritis Inflammation of the iris
Keratoplasty Plastic surgery of the cornea; corneal graft
Ophthalmology The study of the science of the eye
Oculus The eye
Ophthalmomycosis Fungal condition of the eye
Prebyopia Hardening of the lens due to old age
Ophthalmic Pertaining to the eye
Ocular Pertaining to the eye
Iridoplegia Paralysis of the iris
Corneal Pertaining to the cornea
Iridectasis Abnormal dilation of the iris
Optical Pertaining to sight
Keratoscleritis Inflammation of the cornea and the sclera
Optometer Instrument used for measuring sight
Radial Keratotomy Spoke-like incisions that flatten the cornea and correct myopia
Lacrimal Pertaining to tears
Blepharal Pertaining to the eyelid
Retinal Pertaining to the retina
Dacryocyst The tear sac
Phacocele Herniated lens
Blepharoplegia Paralysis of the eyelid
Dacryocystitis Inflammation of the tear sac
Blepharoplasty Plastic surgery of the eyelid
Retinitis Inflammation of the retina
Blepharoptosis Drooping eyelid
Retinoscopy Visual examination of the retina to detect refractive errors
Phakitis Inflammation of the lens
Dacryoadenitis Inflammation of the tear gland
Phacomalacia Softening of the lens; a soft cataract
Blepharitis Inflammation of the eyelid
Pupillary Pertaining to the pupil
Retinopathy Any disease of the retina
Otitis Inflammation of the ear
Otoscope Instrument used for viewing the ear
Auditory Pertaining to hearing
Acoustic Pertaining to hearing
Auricular Pertaining to the ear
Presbycusis Loss of hearing due to old age
Otalgia Pain in the ear
Audiologist A hearing specialist
Otomycosis Fungal infection of the ear
Audiometry Measurement of hearing
Salpingoscopy Visual examination of the auditory tube
Cochlear Pertaining to the cochlea
Labyrinthotomy Incision into the labyrinth
Myringitis Inflammation of the eardrum
Tympantic Pertaining to the eardrum
Cochleitis Inflammation of the cochlea
Tympanotomy Incision into the eardrum
Labyrinthitis Inflammation of the Labyrinth
Myringomycosis Fungal infection of the eardrum
Auditory Salpingitis Pertaining to an inflammation of the auditory tube
Myringectomy Excision of the eardrum
Conjunctivitis drugs Agents used to treat conjunctivitis
Ophthalmics Agents used to treat any disorder/disease of the eye
Glaucoma drugs Agents used to treat glaucoma
Otics Agents used to treat ear disorders
Mydriatics; pupil-dilating drugs Agents used to dilate the pupil of the eye
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