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17-18 Chapter 6

17-18 Chapter 6 The American Revolution

mercenary a hired soldier
transfer to move
recruit to enlist people in the military
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Battle of Long Island Britain defeated an outnumbered Continental Army, causing Washington to lead his men out of New York.
Battle of Trenton A surprise attack by General Washington on Hessian troops on Christmas that resulted in an important Patriot victory.
Battle of Saratoga A major battle won by the Patriots and changed the course of the war.
aid to help
Valley Forge Camp setup by Washington during winter - soldiers faced lack of decent food, clothing, shelter, and medicine.
deserter a soldier who leaves without permission or intent to come back.
Marquis de Lafayette A Frenchman who volunteered to fight in the revolution because he believed the American cause represented the future of humankind.
inflation when it takes more and more money to buy the same amount of goods
issue an important topic or problem for debate or discussion
blockade measure that keeps ships from entering or leaving a harbor
privateer privately owned ship outfitted with weapons
John Paul Jones patriot hero who defeated British ships despite long odds
impact an effect
Francis Marion Known as the "Swamp Fox," because he was quick and smart and excelled at hit-and-run tactics against the British
sustained to suffer or experience
Comte de Rochambeau A French military tactician who commanded French troops against the British during the American Revolution
Battle of Yorktown The final major battle of the American Revolution which resulted in a Patriot victory after British General Cornwallis was forced to surrender
siege an attempt to force surrender by blocking the movement of people or goods into or out of a place
pursue to proceed with
ratify to approve officially
ambush an attack in which the attacker hides and surprises the enemy
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