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History #1

What is the enlightenment? Europe and America saw cultural changes characterized by a loss of faith in religious ounces like authority and a change for human rights, science, and the idea of a democratic republic.
Thomas Pain Started inspiring people to declare independence
What did Thomas Pain write? common sense
John Locke Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
Social contract with John Locke an agreement between people or a society. Need to believe to follow the rules
State of nature John Locke believed Humans are good
Popular sovereignty with John Locke Government is created by the people. Power comes from people. The people need to have a say
Who fought in the French and Indian war? French vs. British
Context of the French and Indian War Colonists were becoming more alike, less socially tied to England
How did Benjamin Franklin react to the War? ALBANY PLAN OF UNFON
What does this do? colonies would join together for defense
What was the reaction of Colonial representatives They were afraid of giving up power
Reaction of Colonial legislatures? Union failed
William Pitt became English secretary of State
Why did William become secretary? Made winning the war a priority
What was his attitude? Selfish, aggressive
What was his approach? He sent his best generals and more money to the colonies
Proclamation Line of 1763 Pontiac and Ottawas attacked Ft. Detroit
Proclamation of 1763 Indian wars were expensive, no new settlement west of the Appalachian Mts would be to limited.. But... American colonists ignored this
What did this forbid? No new settlement west of the Appalachian Mts. would be tolerated
How did colonists react? They ignored it
Albany Plan of Union Benjamin Franklin became head of this
1754 They start thinking about unified government
Joe Gallaway Loyalist
Patrick Henry Member of Virginias House of Burgesses
Boycott Refused to buy
Crispus Attacks sailor of African-American and native American ancestry who died at the Boston Massacre
Writs of assistance search warrants used to enter homes or businesses to search for smuggled goods
Daughters of Liberty organization of colonies women formed to protest British Policies
John Adams lawyer who defended British soldiers accused of murder in the Boston Massacre
Boston Tea Party Incident in 1773, when colonists protested British polocies by boarding British ships and throwinf their cargoes of tea overboard
Samuel Adams Leader of the Boston Sons of Liberty
Created by: haileymadison