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biology test 3

chapter 41

Most allergy medicines contain antihistamines that block the actions of histamine. These drugs reduce cold symptoms by directly reducing the inflammation response.
Your patient becomes sick due to an infection by the influenza virus and now has the flu. The cells which would most directly attack and lyse virally infected host cells in this case are __________. These cells mature in the __________. T cells; thymus
Generally speaking, vaccinations are effective in combating future infections because they induce the production of memory cells.
To infect a cell, HIV must bind both CD4 and a cytokine receptor.
HIV infection and the subsequent destruction of which cell type is most devastating to overall immune system function? helper T cells
Antigens are non-self proteins.
. Which of the following is true of both T cells and B cells? All of these statements are true.
Class I MHC (major histocompatibility complex) is NOT important in identifying bacterial pathogens.
_________ is a characteristic of the early stages of a local inflammation response. Release of histamines
The allergic response is primarily mediated by _____ antibodies. IgE
In mammalian defenses against invading pathogens, all of these are considered nonspecific defense mechanisms EXCEPT acquired immunity.
A doctor discovers that her patient can produce antibodies against some bacterial pathogens, but he is unable to protect himself against viral infections. The doctor suspects a disorder in her patient's cytotoxic T cells
Which of the following is TRUE of both T cells and B cells? All of the responses are correct.
The clonal selection theory implies that . antigens activate specific lymphocytes.
The protection provided through transfer of antibodies from mother to fetus is an example of passive immunity.
Which of the following statements about antibody-mediated immunity is CORRECT? It defends against parasites, bacteria, and viruses.
All of the following are components of nonspecific immunity EXCEPT B cells.
During the inflammatory response, dilation of blood vessels is caused by both histamine and nitric oxide.
Which of the following is NOT involved in nonspecific defenses? B cells
Plasma cells produce antibodies.
Cytotoxic T cells destroy cancerous cells by releasing vesicles containing proteases and perforin.
Which of the following is NOT an autoimmune disease? HIV
Which of the following lifestyle changes would NOT boost the immune system? reducing inflammation by using a cortisol supplement
Which of the following pairs is incorrectly matched? B cell; IL-2
Immunoglobulins counteract microbes in all of the following ways EXCEPT which? perforating the microbial cell membrane
What would the result be if histamine and nitric oxide were NOT secreted during a puncture injury? Healing would be slower.
Strategies to fight HIV include a combination of all of the above.
Specific immunity in the extracellular fluid is provide by mainly IgG and IgM
Antigen-presenting cells include macrophages, B cells and dendritic cells.
Humoral immunity is mostly the function of B cells.
You are trying to develop a new anti-inflammatory medication. Which of the following would be a possible approach? All of these approaches would have an anti-inflammatory effect.
Recall Bruno Lemaitre's experiment on Toll protein in Drosophila. In a similar experiment, you wanted to test a single fruit fly for the presence of the Toll protein, so you prick it with a needle coated in fungal spores. The fly dies a week later. Which This is inconclusive evidence.
Which option would be the LEAST effective initial line of defense against pathogens? Thin, unkeratinized skin of a salamander
Which of the following is NOT a part of the lymphatic system? Pancreas
Most innate immune responses rely on pathogens being engulfed and destroyed.
What is part of the body's initial line of defense against pathogens? Mucous membranes
Phagocytosis is a process in which a cell takes in foreign particles and destroys them.
Recent research has shown that anti-inflammatory drugs can impair immune response to a vaccination. This makes sense since __________ participate in the inflammation response, and also act as APCs to present antigens to __________ that in turn activate _ macrophages; helper T cells; B cells
The 1918 influenza pandemic was notable for the number of people who died, particularly young people with healthy immune systems. Scientists believe that the deaths may have been caused by an overreaction of the immune system to infection. An out-of-contr cytokines
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