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Greek & Latin Roots

Greeks & Latins Units: all

hydra water
aqua/ aqu water
mar / mer sea
vis / vid see / look
aud hear
phon sound
mem mindful / recall
ology study
sci to know
cycl circle
circ / circum around
centr / center middle
dict say / declare
scrib / script write
graph / gram write /draw, /describe /record
chron time
temp time
loc place
mob / mot move
tract pull / draw
tend / tens / tent stretch / give
hosp guest
onym name
host stranger / enemy
bio life
photo light
phil love
plur more
multi many
poly many
mega million / great / large
mono one
uni one
sol alone / only
bi two
du two
ambi both
amphi both
tri three
quad four
quar four
penta five
quint five
non nine
nov nine
deci ten
deca ten
cent 100
Created by: Jclanton1