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Chap. 3 SS-Logan

___________________is the power to rule. Sovereignty
The military protects the country from enemies and other_________ ___________. major threats
The _______________branch carries out laws. executive
___________________means not capable of being surrendered or transferred. Unalienable
The _______________in the Bill of Rights explain the basic rights of every person in the U.S. amendments
In a democracy, the president is chosen by the _______________. citizens
Local and state taxes help pay for services including police, fire departments, school, and _______________. libraries
Easch state elects ________senators to the Senate. 2
A formal request is called a _________________. petition
The _________________branch has to pass all laws, which stops the executive branch from becoming too powerful. legislative
The stars on the American flag represent_____ _____________. the states
The ______Amendment put an end to slavery in the U.S. Thirteenth
According to the Declaration of Independence, Americans should ______________________________ if their government doesn't protect their basic rights. create a new government
The ___________________branch approves or rejects Supreme Court justices. legislative
The United States has three levels of government: local, ____________, and national. state
The President leads the executive branch of the government and the ______________ ________________. armed forces
Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are rights that are guaranteed by the ____________________________. Bill of Rights
Created by: Mrs. Logan