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Spanish 2 6.1


el agua water
el atun tuna
caliente hot
encantar to really like, to love
la ensalada salad
estoy de acuerdo I agree
el flan flan, custard
frio cold
el jamon ham
el jugo de juice
la leche milk
las papas potatoes
las papas fritas french fries
pedir to ask for, to order
picante spicy
preferir to prefer
preparar to prepare, to make
probar to try, to taste
Que tal esta? How is ...?
el queso cheese
el refresco soft drink, soda
el resturante restaurant
riquisimo(a) delicious
salado salty
la salsa sauce, gravy
el sandwich de... ...sandwhich
servir to serve
la sopa soup
verduras vegetables
el tomate tomato
la cuchara spoon
el cuchillo knife
la cuenta bill
desear to want, to wish for, to desire
el plato dish, plate
el plato hondo bowl
poder to be able to, can
el postre dessert
naranja orange
quisiera I would like
la servlleta napkin
el tenedor fork
tomar to drink, to take
traer to bring
el vaso glass
Ser or estar? Description Ser
Ser or estar? Origin and nationality Ser
Ser or estar? Characteristic Ser
Ser or estar? Time and Date Ser
Ser or estar? Occupation Ser
Ser or estar? Relationship/ Belongs Ser
Ser or estar? Health Estar
Ser or estar? Emotion Estar
Ser or estar? Location Estar
Ser or estar? Physical Conditions/Taste Estar
Ser or estar? Present Progressive Estar
tomar drink
Created by: 100critter