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029c U2C4 Plymo Q&A

029c SS U2C4 Colonies Q&A

What year did John Smith explore along the north Atlantic Coast? 1614
What book did John Smith write to tell about his exploration along the north Atlantic Coast? A Description of New England
What year did the settlers arrive in Plymouth? 1620
Which state did the settlers establish Plymouth in? Massachusetts
What were the people who settled at Plymouth Colony called? Pilgrims
What were the Pilgrims settlers seeking in New England? Freedom to practice religious beliefs to all
What was the Plymouth settlers' ship name? Mayflower
Who was an early governor for the Plymouth Colony? William Bradley
What is Majority Rule? When there's a vote and more than half of the people agree
What was the Mayflower Compact? A document of fair laws for the good of the colony
How did the Mayflower Complact help the Pilgrims? By giving those who signed it the right to self-government
What were the two main ideas made up the Mayflower Compact? Self-government and Majority Rule
What problems did the Plymouth settlers have during the first Winter? Very long and cold Winter. By Spring 50 of 102 settlers had died (almost half of them)
What Native American tribes helped the Pilgrims after their first Winter in the Spring of 1521? The Abenaki, through Samoset and The Wampanoag through Tisquantum (Squanto)
How did the Native Americans help the Prilgrims at Plymouth? Taught them how to farm, grow corn, squash, and pumkins, where to fish, and trade goods with other tribes
What celebration did Native Americans and Plymouth settlers first have? Thanksgiving
Why was self-government important to the Pilgrims? To make their own rules. Kings have lots of power, and Pilgrim did not agree with that
What states today makeup the area known as New England? Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine (6 states)
Why did the relationship between the Native Americans and the colonists change? Other English colonists were not friendly and did not see the need to cooperate with Native Americans
Created by: Mindful_Pumpkin