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History Chapter 13

The Southeast

Which letter on the map represents Kentucky? E
Which letter on the map represents Arkansas? D
Which letter on the map represents Alabama? G
Which letter on the map represents Tennessee? F
Which letter on the map represents Virginia? B
Which letter on the map represents Louisiana? C
Which letter on the map represents South Carolina? A
European colonists one of the groups of people who lived in the Southeast in the earliest days
Mississippi River longest river in the United States
coastland land that is made up of sandy beaches in some places and marshes or swamps in other parts
Great Awakening the event that changed religion in the South and Southeast
What contributes to the economy of the Southeast? manufacturing, banking, tourism, and agriculture
slavery a horrible part of Southern culture that made it possible for Southern leaders to live the life of a gentleman, to own plantations, and to pursue leaning
dams a barrier built on rivers to help control flooding and to generate power
coastal plain flatland that stretches up from the coast
Appalachian Mountains the main mountains found in the Southeast region
the Indian Removal Act forced most Indians of the Southeast to move west in the 1830s
piedmont landform with ground that rises as you move westward away from the Atlantic Ocean
spirituals songs by slaves that often had ideas from the Bible
plateau landform that is flat or hilly and lies beyond the mountains
Civil War ended slavery and freed black Americans
segregation the separation between black and white Americans
civil rights movement helped black Americans in their struggle to gain equality
Revolutionary War the important battles of this war were fought in the first colonies of the United States
natural resources of the Southeast for producing energy coal, natural gas, and oil
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