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Science Chap.1

Living Things

environment nonliving things surrounding an organism
organisms all living things
nonliving things rain, rocks, temperature, sand (6-7)
flowers, peaches, crickets living things
ecosystem the living and non-living things in an area
basic needs food- water- protection
resource anything that meets need of living thing
competition when living things use the same resources
Plants need ____ to make food. light
prey animals that are food for other animals
Animals live in groups to... find food- protection- to care for young
partnerships living things that work together
adaptation a characteristic change that allows living thing to survive
physical characteristics, skills, behaviors types of adaptations
camouflage animals blending into their environment for protection
mimicry when animals protect themselves by looking like other living things
migrate animals moving to another place as the seasons change to find food and water
hibernate deep sleep during winter months done by some animals
Changes made by living things in an ecosystem can be ___ and ___. helpful- harmful
steward A Christian's role in taking care of the resources God has given us
pollution making air, water, or land dirty
Created by: PRO Teacher dsaff