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Flavin AP105 ch 7

Final week 3 Integumentary

A mucous membrane leading to the exterior of the body is: Nose, Eyes, Mouth
Connective tissue membranes produce a lubricant called: synovial fluid
The primary _______ of the skin are epidermis and dermis layers
The epidermis layer produces: Melanocytes
_________ is a blue condition caused by lack of oxygen. Cyanosis
Patchy color skin is called: Vitiligo
The thickest layer of skin is called the: Dermis
The fatty layer of the skin is called_____. Subcutaneous
Sweat glands are aka as: Sebaceous glands
Functions of the skin are: Protection & Regulation
Integumentary means: Skin
An example of a 1st degree burn is: Sunburn
A 3rd degree burn does not hurt. True or False True
A nevus is aka Mole
The most serious type of skin cancer is: Melanoma
The integumentary system is the _____ organ. largest
A freckle is aka: macule
A ____ degree burn would not hurt initially because the nerves are damaged. 3rd
In 1 year the average person sheds 1 lb of ____. skin
The epidermis, the outermost layer of skin, is made up of melanocytes, _________, Merkel cells, and Langerhans cells. keratinocytes
The ___________is the subcutaneous layer and is composed of mainly adipose (fatty) tissue and collagen-rich connective tissue. hypodermis
The arrector pili muscles (are responsible for _______ bumps) extend from the dermis and attach to each hair follicle, just above the bulb. goose
Created by: Iteach4Docs