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Science Chap 10

natural resource a material in nature that God made for our use
2 ways farmers help maintain the soil 1. controlling erosion 2. replacing nutrients
water basic need of most land animals and plants
groundwater source of most fresh water
landfill a large area of land where garbage is buried
renewable resource 1. a natural resource that can be replaced in a short amount of time 2. trees and soils are examples
nonrenewable resource 1. a natural resource that cannot be easily replaced 2. coal, oil, copper, and iron ore are examples 3. includes fossil fuels
hydroelectric energy the energy of moving water to make electricity
wind energy the flow of air to produce power
solar energy energy from the sun used to produce power
fossil fuels 1. form when plants and animals are buried quickly 2. can cause pollution
reduce 1. decrease the use of resources 2. turning off the lights in a room when no one is there
reuse use a resource over and over
recycle process a new item from something old
good steward someone who glorifies good in the way they use resources
harvesting trees cutting down trees for use
replanting trees one way to lessen the effect of harvesting trees
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