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History Chapter 6

America Expands

imperialism a policy of controlling foreign lands
journalism the gathering and presenting of news by newspapers and magazines
latitude lines on a map that run side to side
longitude lines on a map that run up and down
Walter Reed man who proved that mosquitoes spread yellow fever
William Seward man who bought Alaska from Russia for the United States
Manifest Destiny the idea the America should spread from one ocean to another
United States stopped expanding after what year? 1853
canal what some countries wanted to build as a shortcut through Central America
scale a line that compares distance on a map to distance in the real world
Theodore Roosevelt helped lead the Rough Riders in the Battle of San Juan Hill
ambassador person who goes to another country to represent his own country
coal steamships found it difficult to get
culture Americans view theirs as special from the earliest days
president of the United States commander in chief of the military
steam engines made traveling around the world by ship easier after the civil war
sugarcane item that Cuba exported to the United States that was being destroyed by the war
Reasons America wanted to expand 1. some wanted to share the gospel so people will know Jesus 2. some wanted to make money
Map skills: be able to find these on a map 1. Arctic Ocean 2. Atlantic Ocean 3. Canada 4. Mexico 5. Pacific Ocean 6. United States
Created by: PRO Teacher dsaff