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History Chapter 5

All That Glitters (Gilded Age)

Chinese Exclusion Act law that said no more Chinese from the working class could enter America
Alexander Graham Bell teacher for the deaf that invented the first telephone
Andrew Carnegie gave much of the fortune he earned in the steel business to build libraries
Ellis Island station set up by the US government to provide help for immigrants
D.L. Moody a man used by God to start a Sunday school let thousands of people to Christ during the Gilded Age
capitalism system that allows the people of the country to own the country's goods and businesses
Thomas Edison man who invented the phonograph
Gilded Age 1. term that describes American culture in the late 1800s 2. poetry by Emily Dickinson was written during this period of time
Jan Matzeliger man who invented the shoe laster
Statue of Liberty gift from France that reminded new immigrants of freedom
vaudeville type of theater that was a show made up of short acts
Jane Addams 1. started a settlement house so that immigrant women could receive help 2, classes where provided for immigrant women at Hull House
Annie Oakley an expert at shooting guns
pasteurization special treatment of milk before it is sold
John D. Rockefeller gave much of his wealth earned in the oil industry to medical research
Christopher Sholes invented the QWERTY keyboard
sufferage a term that means the right to vote
labor laws improve the lives of children 1. limited the number of hours I child could work 2. set age of when a child could begin working 3. these laws were wanted by labor unions and reform workers
purchase of land at a good price why some immigrants came to America
Created by: PRO Teacher dsaff