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Intro to Biology

Unit 1 - Life and Classification

What is a living thing that carries out life processes? organism
What is the study of living things (that are or were once living)? biology
What is the study of classification? taxonomy
What is the name for an organsim with two words derived from Greek or Latin terms? scientific name
first part of a scientific name, is capitalized genus
last part of a scientific name, also a group of similar organisms that share similar characteristics (is not capitalized) species
the highest level of classification with many members, greatest diversity (few characteristics in common) is the __ kingdom
What are the 5 characteristics of living things? 1. growth/development 2. response to stimuli 3. reproduction 4. use energy 5. made of cells
making new organisms of the same species is called __ reproduction
What are the Levels of Classification? Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
Who developed the system of classification? Linnaeus
Which part of the scientific name is capitalized? First name (Genus) only (ex. Panthera leo)
What if the scientific name is typed? it should be in italics
What if the scientific name is handwritten? it should be underlined
Which kingdoms have organisms with a nucleus in their cells? fungi, plant, animal and protists
Which kingdoms have organisms without a nucleus in their cells? archaeabacteria and eubacteria
PreAP only - what are prokaryotes and eukaryotes? look it up if you don't know!
What is a producer? An organism that makes it's own food through photosynthesis.
What is a consumer? An organism that eats other organisms for food.
What is a decomposer? An organism that breaks down organic matter and absorbs the nutrients.
Which kingdoms have producers? Both bacteria, protists and plants
Which kingdoms have consumers? protists and animals
Which kingdoms have decomposers? Both bacteria, fungi (animals won't count for this - since worms are technically filtering to consume already decomposed organic matter)
Which kingdoms are ONLY unicellular? both bacteria
Which kingdoms are ONLY multicellular? Animals and plants
An increase in size is __- growth
A change in complexity or maturity is __ development
A change in the environment that affects an organism stimulus
the reaction of the organism to the stimulus response
the process organisms use to get energy; uses oxygen to break down nutrients respiration
smallest unit of a living thing (that is still alive) cell
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