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alloy a mixture of metals
compound substances formed from two or more elements in which the exact combination and proportion of elements is always the same
density mass per unit volume of material
dependent/responding variable factor that changes as a result of what was deliberately changed
ductile ability of metals to be drawn into wires
element substances with atoms which are all alike
freezing point the temperature at which a liquid solidifies
independent/manipulated variable the factor that is deliberately changed
heterogeneous a mixture in which different materials are unevenly distributed and are easily identified
homogeneous solid, liquid or gas that contains two or more substances blended evenly throughout
luster properties of metals and alloys that describes having a shiny appearance or reflecting of light
malleable ability of metals and alloys to be hammered or rolled into sheets
mass the amount of matter in an object
matter anything that has mass and takes up space
melting point when the particles of a solid gain enough kinetic energy to slip out of their ordered arrangement
mixture a portion of matter consisting of two or more components in varying proportions that retain their own properties
physical change any change in size, shape, or state of matter in which the identity of the substance remains the same
physical property any characteristic of a material, such as size, shape, color, density, solubility, odor, melting/boiling point that you can observe or attempt to observe without changing the identity of the material
saturated solution any solution that contains all of the solute that it can hold at a given temperature
scientific method an organized set of investigation procedures
solubility maximum amount of solute that can be dissolved in a given amount of solvent at a given temperature
solute the part of solution that is dissolved
solution mixture that appears to have the same composition, color, density, and taste throughout and is mixed at the molecular level.
solvent the part of the solution that does the dissolving
supersaturated solution any solution that contains more solute than a saturated solution at the same temperature
unsaturated solution any solution that dissolves more solute at a given temperature
volume the amount of space occupied by and object
weight gravitational force exerted on an object