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Computer Apps

Word Ch. 2

Compound modifier two words combined to act as an adjective
Hyphen a horizontal bar character used to indicate a split or incomplete word the maximum space Word allows between a word and the right margin without inserting a hyphen
Thesaurus a listing of words with synonyms and antonyms
Drag-and-drop editing the action of using a mouse to drag a selection from its original location and drop it in a new location
Embed to insert an object created with one program into a file created with a different program
Link to create a connection between two files, or the connection itself
Office Clipboard temporary storage area where a selection may be held until it is pasted into a new location
Border a line drawn around the edges of an element, such as a table or a table cell. Borders can also be drawn around graphics, paragraphs, and pages
Column a vertical series of cells in a table
Contiguous Adjacent, or next to, each other
Dividers the lines that indicate the edges of cells in a table. Dividers do not print, although they are indicated onscreen by either grid lines or borders
Noncontiguous not adjacent, or not next to, each other
Header row a row across the top of a table in which heading information is entered
Merge combine multiple adjacent cells together to create one large cell
Sizing handle a nonprinting icon that displays outside the lower right corner of a table that you use to resize the table
Function a built-in formula for performing calculations, such as addition, in a table
Line weight the thickness of a line
Shading a color or pattern used to fill the background of a cell
Spreadsheet a document created with an application, such as Microsoft Office Excel 2010, used for setting up mathematical calculations
Auto correct feature available in most Microsoft Office 2010 programs that automatically corrects common spelling errors as you type
Navigation pane a task pane that opens on the left side of the document window. Features in the Navigation pane help you quickly locate and go to a specific location in a document
Domain name the name that identifies a Web site
File extension a dot followed by three or four characters at the end of a file name, used to indicate the file type
HTML Hypertext Markup Language. A file format used for storing Web pages
Path the route through storage folders and devices to the location where a file is stored
Placeholder sample text or graphics that marks a location in a document where content should be placed
Uniform resource locator (URL) the address that identifies the storage location of a file or page on the internet
Web browser software designed for locating and viewing information stored on the Internet
Web page title a descriptive name or title that displays in the title bar when the page is open in a Web browser
Web server a computer connected to the Internet used to store Web page documents
World Wide Web a system for finding information on the Internet through the use of linked documents
Created by: maplelakesped