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C1: Bold Actions

Collection One Academic and Critical Vocabulary

aspect a characteristic or feature of something
cultural of or relating to culture or cultivation
evaluate to examine something carefully to judge its value or worth
resource something that can be used for support or help
text a literary work that is regarded as an object of critical analysis
swell a long unbroken wave
deck the platform on a a ship or boat where people stand
navigation the act of guiding it along a planned course
submerge becomes covered by water
porthole a circular window on a boat or ship
terminal end of a transportation line
pier a platform over the water
disturbed bothered
qualifications abilities and accomplishments
posthumously after death
moderate kept within a certain limit
prowess the strength and courage someone has
frantic to do quickly and nervously
anxiety uneasy, worried feeling
obscure not well-known
indignantly a manner that expresses anger over an injustice
obstinacy unwillingness to change one's behavior or attitude
strive compete
descendants people who come after
inundate to give a huge amount of something
restrictive restrictive
exhibition an organized presentation or show
precaution action taken to avoid possible danger
Created by: Ms.Figueroa