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Science Vocab-10/2

Lesson 1 and 2

crystal a solid that contains atoms in an organized way
solubility describes the amount a substance that can dissolve in another substance
controlled experiment a scientific investigation in which one variable is changed and all the others are kept the same
dependent variable the variable in an experiment whose value is determined by the outcome of the experiment
independent variable the variable in an experiment that is purposefully changed in order to determine its effect
modification the act of changing something
reactivity the state or power of being reactive or the degree to which a thing is reactive
variable any factor that could affect results of an experiment
flammability a chemical property describing whether or not a substance is combustible
malleability a physical property that describes to be shaped, flattened, or otherwise deformed without breaking
atom the smallest unit of matter that cannot be broken down by ordinary chemical reactions
chemical change a change that occurs when one or more substances are changed entirely new substances with different properties
chemical property a characteristic or a substance that requires a chemical reaction to observe
mass a measure of the amount of matter in an object
molecule two or more atoms that are connected by a chemical bond
particles a very small piece of matter
physical property all the characteristics properties of a substance that can measured or observed without changing
predict to make an educated guess about the outcome of that situation
volume the amount of space occupied by a sample of matter
characteristic property chemical and physical properties that define attributes of a pure substances and are independent of the sample amount
diagram a labeled drawing that explains or shows the parts of something
matter everything that takes up space or has mass
dissolve the process during which a homogeneous mixture forms
effevescent bubbling substances
element an atom that exists naturally in Earth that serves as a building block of all matter
filter a device for straining out solid particles from a liquid or gas
gas a state of matter in which a substance has no definite state
insoluble a substance that can't be dissolved
liquid a state of matter in which the substance has a definite volume but no definite shape of the part they occupy
mixture matter in which two or more substances are mixed together without breaking or making new bonds between atoms
physical change a change of nature and all matter
solid a phase or state of matter that has a definite volume and shape
soluble a substance that can be dissolved
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