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Computer Apps

PowerPoint Ch. 4

Slide Master Slide that controls the appearance of all slides in a presentation. If you make a change to the master,m all slides based on that master will display those changes.
Cell address or cell reference The location of a cell in a worksheet as identified by its column letter and row number. Also known as the cell's address
Embed Insert data in a destination application from a source application so that you can edit it using the source application's tools
Link Insert data in a destination application from a source application so that a link exists between the source and the destination area
Template A presentation that is already formatted with a slide design and may also include sample text to guide you in completing the presentation
Theme Formatting feature that applies a background, colors, fonts, and effects to all slides in a presentation
Presenter view Allows the use of a second monitor to show your notes while audience watches the presentation on the first monitor
Action button A shape that is programmed to perform a specific action, such as running an application or jumping to a specific slide
Custom show A show in which you specify the slides and the order in which the slides appear during the presentation
Comment A note you add to a slide to provide corrections or input to the slide content
Loop Is when you set up a presentation to run continuously and unattended
PowerPoint Show Is when you save the presentation in such a manner that opens in Slide Show view
Save and send Allows the presentation to be saved in different forms to send to colleagues
Share Point When a presentation is saved to share point so others can modify it
Inspect Document Allows the presentation to be searched for personal information that you may not want to share with the person receiving the document
Hyper Link A button on a slide that links it to another location in the presentation, a video or web site
Slide Timings When slides are assigned a specific amount of time to be viewed. The Pause command or the Resume command can be used to stop or or restart slide advancement
Broadcast Slide Show Allow the presentation to be packaged for broadcasting on the Internet
Excel Worksheet Spreadsheet used to recalculate and present data that can be inserted into a presentation
Comment Note added to a slide to provide correction or content input
Windows Live SkyDirive Site that you can publish your presentation to and allows others to view and/or edit it
Annotations writing or drawing that can be added to a slide during presentation to highlight or emphasize
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