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Cells/Cell Processes

What diagrams do you need to be able to label for this test? Plant and animal cells
What process uses oxygen and sugar to provide energy while creating waste water and carbon dioxide? Respiration
What do humans use to gain energy when oxygen levels are low? lactic- acid fermentation
Where in the cell does photosynthesis occur? chloroplast
Water +carbon dioxide + sunlight --> Glucose + oxygen is the equation for what cell process? photosynthesis
What chemical equation is C6H12 O6 +6O2 --> 6O2 + 6H2O +ATP? Aerobic cellular respiration
What type of cells are plant and animal cells? Eukarayatic
Do plant or animal cells have larger vacuoles? plant cells
What cells contain chloroplast? plant cells
Which cells do not have cell walls? animal cells
What represents the energy in respiration? ATP
What does C6H12O6 stand for? Glucose
What is a series of chemical reactions that breaks down food to produce energy? photosynthesis
Where in the cell does Glycolysis occur? cytoplasm
In what part of the cell does aerobic cellular take place? mitochondria
What does the part of cellular respiration that happens in the mitochondria require? Oxygen
What is the function of a mitochondria? energy production
What cell organelle is in charge of protein production? ribososmes
WHAT CELLS do not contain a nucleus? Prokaryotic
What cells have cell walls? plants, algae, fungi and bacteria
What cell part determines what may enter and leave the cell? cell membrane
What makes ER rough? ribosomes
What makes lipids good barriers? they do not dissolve in water
What macro-molecule has genetic information? nucleic acids
What is the smallest unit of life? cells
What substance makes up 75% of the volume of cells? water
What scientist led to the development of The Cell Theory? Hooke, Schleiden, Schwann, Virchow
Which scientist named "cells"? Hooke
True or False? Cells come from non-living organisms False
True or False? Cells come from other cells through cell division. true
What organelle is a storage container? Vacuole
What part of the cell is a tough, rigid outer covering that protects and gives shape to a cell? Cell Wall
What is a membrane-surrounded component of a Eukaryotic cell that has specialized functions? organelle
What is the name of the constantly moving gel-like mixture in a cell? cytoplasm
True of false? Cytoplasm is an organelle? false
True or false? A lysosome is an organelle? true
Why is a nucleus important to a cell? it directs all activity in the cell
What is the primary function of the lysosomes? recycle waste and worn out cell parts
What is the primary function of a chloroplast? food production
What type of cells are plant and animal cells? Eukaryotic
What are long chains of molecules that make up many substances in cells? macro molecules