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Unit 1 Vocabulary

Primary Source An artifact or piece of writing that was created by someone who witnessed or lived through a historical event
Secondary Source An artifact or writing created after an event by someone who did not see it or live during the time it occurred
Artifact An object made by humans from a past culture
Culture All the elements that contribute to the way of life a particular group of people
Homo Sapiens The species of humans that exists today
Paleolithic Era A period of time that began around 2.5 million BC and ended around 8000 BC. The period is also called the Old Stone Age
Archaeologist A scientist who studies past human life by analyzing fossils and artifacts
Anthropologist A scientist who studies the cultural developments of humans
Hunter-Gatherer A human who hunts animals and gathers various plants to eat
Fertile Encouraging the growth of crops and plants
Agriculture The business of farming
Domestication Training a wild animal to useful to humans
Specialization Performing a job other than farming, focusing on what you're good at
Fertile Crescent Crescent-shaped region containing the comparatively moist and fertile land
Ancestors People who lived before
Food Surplus An amount of food greater than needed to support the population
Hierarchy A system in which people belong to social classes of different ranks
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