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US History Stack 4

US History Test 3

President Martin Van Buren’s “subtreasury” system consisted of a controversial, new financial system to replace the Bank of the United States.
In 1832, Henry Clay sought to use the debate over the Bank of the United States primarily to boost his presidential candidacy.
The Daniel Webster–Robert Hayne debate of 1830 was begun by a political dispute over the sale of public land.
President Andrew Jackson sought to apply his democratic principles by first targeting federal officeholders.
The Whig Party was LEAST successful at uniting behind a strong national leader.
In 1830, what political figure said, “The Union, next to our liberty most dear”? John C. Calhoun
By the 1830s, political parties were generally regarded as a desired and essential part of the democratic process.
Of the “Five Civilized Tribes,” the tribe that best resisted the pressures of removal was the Seminole.
The Black Hawk War was notable for vicious behavior by the American military.
Which cities owed their growth to the Great Lakes? Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo
The early union movement among skilled artisans was weakened by the Panic of 1837.
The Erie Canal was a tremendous financial success.
Between 1820 and 1840, the population of the United States grew rapidly, in part due to improved public health.
By 1860, as a result of the social expectations expressed in the “cult of domesticity,” women became increasingly isolated from the public world.
Prior to 1860, the fastest-growing segment in American society was the middle class.
The central ideology of slavery, and the vital instrument of white control, was paternalism.
Urban Slaves were skilled trade workers, were less supervised than rural slaves, had little working competition from European immigrants. The line between slavery and freedom in cities was less distinct
Ways in which slaves expressed elements of their African heritage included singing songs and playing musical instruments, such as the banjo.
Perhaps the single strongest unifying factor of pre-Civil War southern whites was their perception of white racial superiority.
Most “plain folk” of the Old South were never able to move into the planter class.
Tobacco cultivation in the antebellum South was gradually moving westward.
In the 1850s, the southern social theorist George Fitzhugh wrote that women were like children.
Regarding religion, American slaves often incorporated African features into their Christianity.
Religious services for American slaves were often more emotional than white services.
One actual slave revolt that resulted in numerous white deaths in the nineteenth-century South was led by Nat Turner.
Though the trade and sale of slaves continued to be legal inside the U.S. until the Civil War, the “slave trade”—that is, the importation of slaves from Africa or any other foreign locale—was made illegal in 1808.
Most white southerners owned no slaves.
Through novels such as The Last of the Mohicans, James Fenimore Cooper examined the significance of the disorder of America’s westward expansion.
Which of the following was arguably the most distinctive feature of Shakerism? complete celibacy
The nineteenth-century reformer Horace Mann believed that education should promote democracy.
Prior to the Civil War, the religious denomination most active in feminism was the Quakers.
In the 1840s in the United States, an initial understanding of germ theory was developed by Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Walt Whitman celebrated the liberation of the individual spirit.
The “peculiar institution” was a southern reference to slavery.
Which of the following statements regarding slave life is true? After 1808, the proportion of blacks to whites in the nation steadily declined.
Prior to 1860, free blacks in the South occasionally attained wealth and prominence and owned slaves themselves.
In an attempt to end the nullification crisis, President Andrew Jackson in 1833 authorized the use of military force to see the acts of Congress were obeyed.
The so-called Locofocos of the 1830s were radical Democrats.
The political philosophy of Whigs favored expanding the power of the federal government.
According to Andrew Jackson’s theory of democracy, all white male citizens should be treated equally.
Created by: Absidey
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