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WTI Comp Ch. 10 & 15

Mosby's Chapter 10: Other practice settings and Chapter 15: Pharmacy Operations

What is medication reconciliation? Comparing patients’ medication orders with the medications they were taking before admission to the hospital.
Between 2014 and 2024, the expected employment growth in the pharmacy technician field is: 9%
A medication reconciliation technician can help prevent: Drug omissions and duplications, dosing errors, drug-drug interactions
Which practice positions involve(s) communication with patients? Medication reconciliation technician and managed care pharmacy technician
What is true of a pharmaceutical sales representative position? The annual pay is approximately $20,000 more than traditional technician jobs. They must possess exceptional communication skills. Associate or bachelor’s degree is required.
One of the reasons that nuclear pharmacy technicians usually make a higher salary than those in traditional settings is that: Risks are associated with this position
The provision of pharmaceutical care through the use of telecommunications and information technologies to patients at a distance is called: Telepharmacy
The job of a pharmacy purchasing agent may include: Meeting with sales representatives, negotiating prices and contracts, and placing orders
Many of the non-traditional settings for pharmacy technicians require: Previous experience as a technician, national certification, and advanced degrees
Which type of advanced position involves traveling to the client’s site to promote a medication? Pharmaceutical sales representative
Which universities offer nuclear pharmacy training for technicians? University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Purdue, and Ohio State
Radiopharmaceuticals can be administered by: Mouth, injection, and installation in the bladder
Which pharmacy setting may tech-check-check take place if approved by state law? Hospital pharmacy
What is the most important characteristic for someone wishing to obtain a position in health care? Professionalism
Who began promoting the Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) in 2010? ASHP
All of the following are common areas in a community pharmacy: Counseling area, intake window, reconstitution area, workbench, drive thru, compounding area, receiving stock area
When a patient is dropping off a prescription the pharmacy technician should obtain Patient’s name, address, birth date, and insurance information
Utilizing a quality assurance process to ensure practices and daily tasks should be monitored by: SOPs
A “fast mover” is a medication That is one that is most often prescribed
The ASHP Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative focuses on “Advancing the health and well-being of patients”
The CPOE area is Where orders are scanned or faxed to the pharmacy and processed for filling or supply in an ACD
Patient counseling may be performed by a Pharmacist
Medications for long-term care patients are dispensed using: Blister cards and strip packaging
Who established the standards for the layout, equipment, maintenance, training, and all procedures related to preparing sterile medications? USP
The benefit(s) of using bar codes in a pharmacy include: Inventory control and reducing medication errors
The benefit(s) of automation and technology in pharmacy include: Fewer errors and improved efficiency
What is required to provide safe patient care in any pharmacy setting? Establishing minimum knowledge levels for pharmacy technicians
A pharmacy order to a wholesaler is usually sent: At the end of the business day
An example of durable medical equipment is: Walker
Finished prescriptions are stored in the: Pick-up area or will call
Created by: lrhamyWTI