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19-20 Chapter 2

19-20 Chapter 2 - Exploring the Americas

technology the use of scientific knowledge for practical purpose; equipment that makes use of advanced knowledge and skill to solve a problem or do a task
compass navigation aid that shows the direction in which a person or vessel is traveling
strait a narrow water passage between larger bodies of water
circumnavigate to go around completely
alter to change
devote to commit oneself or one’s resources to something
conquistador Spanish explorer in the Americas during the 1500s
immunity resistance of an organism to infection or disease; the condition of being unaffected by something
pueblo a town and center of trade in Spanish America
mission a Spanish community for the religious conversion and training of Native Americans
presidio a fort in Spanish America
plantation a large farm that usually grows only 1 crop
contact when two or more groups or objects come together
convince to get someone to act or think a certain way through argument or evidence
Reformation a sixteenth-century (1500s) religious movement rejecting or changing some Roman Catholic teachings and practices and establishing the Protestant churches
Protestantism a form of Christianity that began in opposition to the Catholic Church
Martin Luther A German Catholic Priest, who in 1517, nailed a list of complaints against the Catholic Church on the door of a local Catholic Church which helped launch a movement called Protestism
armada a fleet of warships
northwest passage a sea passage between the Atlantic and the Pacific along the north coast of North America
tenant farmer farmer who pays a landowner an annual rent and works for that person for a fixed number of days each year
widespread over a wide area
pose to present; to offer
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