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CES 5th Civil War

Quick Civil War Review

What did people like Harriet Beecher Stowe and John Brown do to the abolitionist movement? Did they hurt it or help it? Explain. They helped spread the work about slavery by publishing books and newspapers. It helped because it allowed people to understand the lifestyle that the slaves were living. People were able to see how bad slavery was.
Sarah is arrested because the government says she has not paid her taxes. Instead of giving her due process, they decide to take her house and throw her in jail without a trial or giving her any of her Bill of Rights. Which amendment was broken? 14th Amendment
Fort Sumter was important because it was the site where the first shots of the Civil War were fired.
A factory owner decides to open a new factory. Instead of paying people to work in his factory, he decides he is going to kidnap people and make them slaves, working for him without paying them. Which amendment is being broken? 13th Amendment
What did the South look like right after the Civil War ended? it was destroyed because Sherman and the Union Army destroyed a lot of things
After the Reconstruction, blacks were not allowed to sit in the same areas at the theater as whites. They had to sit in the back of the theater, while whites sat at the front of the theater. This is an example of Jim Crow Laws and Segregation
Appomattox Court House is remembered because it was the site where the Confederate Army surrendered to the Union Army
Gettysburg was an important battle of the Civil War because it was the turning point of the Civil War and it stopped the Confederate Army from going farther North
Atlanta Campaign was when General Sherman led the Union Army to victory over the Confederate Army. Atlanta, the capital of the Confederacy, was burned and destroyed by the Union Army
Jefferson Davis was to the Confederacy (Southern States) as _____________ was to the Union (Northern States) Abraham Lincoln
Which were the causes of the Civil War? secession, state’s rights, slavery
A young man who is 18 walks up to the voting booth. The person that is working at the polling place says to the young man, "you are African American, you can't vote!" What amendment is being broken? 15th Amendment
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