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Latin Roots #1

ab away, from
dis apart, in different directions; not.
inter between, among
bacter bacteria
bio life
frater brother
fungi fungi
gen race; origin; kind
rupt break; burst
string; strict bind; draw tight
matr mother
patr father
regi rule; king
soror sister
sui self
con together; with
re back; again
hom man
cide killer; killing
abrupt broken off; lacking in continuity,
corrupt (adj) vicious; (v) to change from good to bad
disrupt to break apart; cause disorder
erupt to break or burst out
incorruptible inflexible honest; incapable of being corrupted or bribed
interrupt break into or between; hinder; stop
rupture a break; breaking; hostility
bactericide a substance that kills bacteria
biocide a substance that kills life
fratricide act of killing one's brother
fungicide a substance that kills fungi
genocide deliberate extermination of a racial or cultrual group
germicide a substance that kills germs
herbicide a substance that kills plants
homicide the killing of one person by another
infanticide act of killing an infant
insecticide substance that kills insects
matricide act of killing one's mother
patricide act of killing one's father
pesticide a substance that kills rats, insects, bacteria
regicide act of killing a ruler/king
sororcide act of killing one's sister
suicide act of killing one's self
tryanicide act of killing a tryant
astringent (adj) drawing (the tissues) tightly together; stern; OR (n) substance that shrinks the tissues and checks the flow of blood
boa constricor a snake that "constricts" its prey in its coils
constrict to draw together
restrict to keep within limits
stricture 1 adverse criticism; censure 2 restriction
unrestricted free; open to all
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