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Chem 1 Chapter 1

review for chapter test

When you heat the molecules of a solid, liquid, or gas what happens to the speed of its molecules? moves faster and further apart.
Anything that has mass and takes up space is called? matter
How do the molecules move in a substance when it is cooled? moves slower and closer together
List the 3 states of matter on Earth we have been studying. solid, liquid, or gas
What state of matter has the MOST attraction for one another? solid
What is the state of matter that has the LEAST attraction for one anther? gas
In a solid state of matter of its molecules are so attracted to each other they can only _____________________________. vibrate
A substance being a solid, liquid, or gas is a ___________________of that substance. property
The heated metal ball fit through the ring. false
Which takes up more space cold or hot water? hot
Name the state of matter where molecules are attracted to one another and still able to move past one another. liquid
Why did the water in the water balloon stay together after the balloon was popped. molecules strong attraction to each other
What does the outer thicker tube on a thermometer do? magnifies and protects
Why do we need flexible connections on road bridges? expansion/contraction according to weather
Why does a mercury thermometer measure shorter at the same temp as an alcohol thermometer? greater attraction, heavier
Created by: susan.walters