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mini exam 1

Femto 10^-15
pico 10^-12
nano 10^-9
micro 10^-6
milli 10^-3
centi 10^-2
deci 10^-1
meter 10
kilo 10^3
mega 10^6
giga 10^9
tera 10^12
Chemical change results in change of composition
Physical change results in change of state or appearance
Atom Smallest individual unit of an element
Molecule consist of two or more atoms joined together by chemical bond
heterogeneous mixture elements in the mixture are not evenly distributed
homogeneous mixture elements are evenly distributed throughout mixture
length meter
mass kilogram
ime second
temperature kelvin
electric current ampere
amount of substance mole
luminous intensity candela
Tc=? Tc=Tk-273.15
Tk=? Tk=Tc+273.15
Tf=? Tf=(9/5)(Tc)+32
Tc=? Tc=(5/9)(Tf)-17.8
1 dm^3= 1 L
1 cm^3= 1 mL
d= m/v
Significant figures any non zero is a significant figure with exception if the zero is between any nonzero values it is a sig. fig. if theres a decimal to the right of the zero its 2 ex; 123.4 = 4 sig. figs. 1203.4 = 5 sig. figs. 12.000034 =8 sig. figs.
Accuracy tells us how close a measurement is to the true value.
Precision tells us how close a series of replicate measurements are to one another.
1 inch = 2.54 cm
1 lb. = 453.6 g
Created by: AnthonyMc