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Cheney 2017

Cheney Chester

A hand lens is used to magnify
To magnify is to make larger
A triple beam balance measures mass
mass the amount of "stuff" in something
metric ruler measures distance
thermometer measures temperature
observation information gathered by using your senses
testable If you can observe it and measure it
graduated cylinder a tool used to measure volume
magnet used to test an object for magnetism
triple beam balance a tool used to measure mass
classify to group according to likenesses
hazard a student letting their hair hang loose in the lab
goggles wearing these would be an example of a precaution
data collected information
question the first step in the scientific method
hypothesis a prediction
analyze to examine
science the study of the natural world
variable the part that is different, the part being tested
control the parts that are the same
one how many variables are allowed in a simple experiment
volume the amount of space something takes up
matter anything that has mass and takes up space `
solid matter with a definite volume and shape
liquid matter with a definite volume but takes the shape of its container
gas matter with no definite volume or shape
properties the characteristics of a substance
mass the amount of matter in something
barometer measures air pressure
odor another word for smell
texture how something feels
displacement to move something out of its usual place
steel, iron, colbalt magnets are attracted to
100 degrees boiling point of water in celsius
212 degrees boiling point of water in fahrenheit
0 degrees freezing point of water in celsium
32 degrees freezing point of water in fahrenheit
Created by: kemberlian