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Ela voc 17 sentence


A person who is abstemious ih his alcohol intake might not be welcome by that wild fraternity. Abstemious
The teacher admonished him about excessively loud music. Admonish
That small town is well-known for its amity; the town has very friendly people. Amity
The enemy could not get past the bastion of the fort and therefore list the battle. Bastion
He became callous after many years in the war. Callous
Governers are usually allowed to grant clemency to deserving prisoners. Clemency
The charlatan was quickly debunked by the perceptive doctor. Debunk
The rioting crowd was diffused by tear gas and water hoses. Diffuse
He was duped into investing his lif savings into bankrupt company. Dupe
I am going to try to exorcise all negative thoughts from my mind. Exorcise
A successful diplomat must have finesse when dealing with representatives of other countries Finesse
The humility of the man was astounding: he gave no sign of having excessive pride or arrogance. Humility
The imperious behavior of the dictator led to his overthrow. Imperious
The student received a low grade because of the neologism in his paper. Neologism
The party was a source of mirth and gaiety. Mirth
The woman promised to buy candy in order to mollify her scteaming child. Mollify
The student received a low grade because of the neologism in his paper. Neologism
The church is founded upon a set of orthodox views. Orthodox
My plight is that i do not have enough money to pay my bills. Plight
The orchestra has added some selections of Mozart to its repertoire. Repertoire
The rupture of the appendix is a life-threatening situation. Rupture
He was very solicitous about the health of his ill grandmother. Solicitous
He always has a stolid appearance at the poker table. Stolid
The mayoral candidates had a tempestuous debate in which they exchanged many personal accusations. Tempestuous
Taking a bribe is an untenable act for a politician. Untenable
Rebekah has a dog name Toby. Rebekah
Created by: Snowflake098