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Etio and patho

What are the 6 exogenous factors Wind. Cold Heat Damp Dryness and Summer Heat
Wind is associated wi
Wind is associated with which season? Spring
Wind can easily invade the body after Sweat or while sleeping
Wind is Yin or Yang? Yang
What are the two types of wind? External and Internal
Symptoms of External Wind HA, nasal obstruction, itching or pain in the throat, facial puffiness, aversion to wind and sweating
Internal Wind symptoms Dizziness, vertigo, fremitus, convulsions, spasms, twitching, and opisthotonos
Cold is ass. with which season Winter
Cold is Yin or Yang Yin
Symptoms of cold Pain in the epigastric and abdominal regions, diarrhea containing undigested food, increased flow of clear urine, severe pain, aversion to cold, lack of sweating and restricted movement of limbs
An excess of Yang Qi may lead to... Heat
Symptoms of heat Fever, restlessness, thirst, sweating, mouth and tongue ulcers, swollen and painful gums, HA and congestion of the eyes
Damp is a pathogen of... Late summer
Dampness is characterized by... Heaviness and turbidity
Signs of dampness C.o of dizziness, heavy sensation in head as though it has been wrapped in a piece of damp cloth, heaviness of the body as though it were carrying a heavy load, and soreness, pain and heavy sensations in the joints
Season for dryness is... Autumn
Damp is Yin or Yang Yang
Signs of dryness Dry mouth w. thirst, chapped skin, withered body hair, constipation and reduced urination
When dryness impairs the fx of the Lung it will cause... Dry cough w. scanty sticky or bloody sputum
Traits of Summer Heat Upward direction, dispersion and consumption of body fluid
Summer is only seen in... its own season
Causes of summer heat High temperatures, overexposure to sun while working, staying too long in poorly ventilated places
Summer heat is Yang/Yin Yang
Manifestations of Summer Heat High fever, restlessness, thirst, profuse sweat, surging pulse
Surging pulse is... broad, large and forceful like roaring waves which come one powerfully and fade away, it indicates excessive heat
Why is there excessive sweating with Summer Heat Dispersing action of Summer Heat causes the pores to stay open
Severe invasion of Summer Heat may also... disturb the Mind, results in sunstroke w. symptoms of sudden collapse and coma
Manifestations of Summer Heat and Damp include... Dizziness, Heaviness of Head, Suffocating sensation in chest, nausea, poor appetite, loose stools, general lassitude, also fever, restlessness and thirst
Created by: Aculinh