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Clinic Questions 6

Are people with mild symptoms of Hep B infectious? Yes
How is Hep non A and non B infectious? By people who have had exposure to blood or blood products
What is the incubation period for non A and non B? About 50 days
What percentage of hepatitis non A and non B becomes chronic? 20 to 60%
What should you do to get a good hepatitis hx? Make sure you ask about contact w. blood products
Give 3 examples of blood products? Transfusion, Dialysis, Drug abuse
As far as hepatitis B is concerned why must disinfecting be regularly done? Because it remains active on office surfaces for a long time
Why is it necessary to consider that any patient may be a carrier that of AIDS? Because the disease has a long incubation period and it spread has been so rapid
How many Americans are thought to be infected with HIV 1.7 million
What 3 precautions are needed for all patients in order to avoid HIV? Avoid needlestick accidents Avoid direct skin or mucus membrane contact with blood and all body fluids of all patients Assume that all patients are HIV infected
If there is a needle stick injury what should be done? You have to ascertain as rapidly as possible the HIV antibody status of the patient
If the person is found to be positive what should the person experiencing the needlestick accident do? They should have an HIV test
When should test be repeated? At 6 weeks, than at 3, 6, 12 months
What other additional risk is there when treating aids people? Infection through secondary infections
Give 4 examples of secondary infections TB, Staphylococcus, Herpes, Hepatitis
What should be used in case of respiratory infection? Masks
Created by: Aculinh