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Clinic Questions 3

Which 2 types of clinics is it mostly easily transferred in? (Hepatitis) Dental and acupuncture clinics
Name 2 important factors that can break the transfer chain of infection? Careful office hygiene View every patient as a possible carrier of infectious disease
What is the % risk of infection from needle stick in a patient infected w. hepatitis? 25-30% risk
What is the percentage for AIDS? Lesss than 1%
What is the reason for this difference in percentage? AIDs vs Hepatitis There is higher density of hepatitis particles in the blood
What is the difference between precautions taken for AIDS and the hepatitis virus? There is no difference in the precautions.
What should be done after skin contact w. body fluids? Hands or other skin areas should be throughly washed
What should be done if contact occurs through breaks in gloves? The gloves should be immediately removed and hands throughly washed
What is personal protective equipment Clothing or equipment (Such as gloves, face masks, protective eyewear and lab coats) that protect as individual from contact w. blood or other potentially infectious materials
What are utility gloves? General purpose gloves used for cleaning procedures. These are used for cleaning the treatment room and changing the sheets
Created by: Aculinh