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Clinic Questions 2

How should hands be washed? By vigorously rubbing together well-lathered hands for at least 10 seconds under warm running water. Ordinary soap or detergent is satisfied for this.
What should be practiced before and after contact w. patients and after cleaning up the room? Hand washing
What are autogenous infections? These are infections caused by pathogens that the patient himself is already carrying.
What is the danger of using the same needle in different parts of the body on the same patient during the same treatment Microorganism natural to one location can be transferred to another where they can cause harm.
What are cross infections? Pathogens acquired from another person
Which kind of people can acquire cross infections? The practitioner, office personnel and patients
Name two of the most serious infections? Hepatitis and AIDS
Give three ways a microorganism can travel from one host to another? Moisture droplets in the air Transfer from body fluids Mechanical transfer from one surface to another
What is one of the important risk factors in cross infection? The density of the microorganism.
Name one high density microorganism? Hepatitis virus
Created by: Aculinh