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words from news story

available adunay
is there (pron); exist (v) Anaa
the Ang
like this (adv); crop (n); harvest (n); product (n) ani
years (n) anyos
but, yet (adv); defect, demerit, fault, flaw, handicap, liability, obstacle (n) apan
in order to (adv) aron
question marker (adv) ba
woman, female babae
woman, female babayeng
hardheaded, naughty (adj); rascal (n) badlungon
stay put (v); vine, railroad car (n) bag-ong
news balita
village Barangay
maybe (adv) basin
visitor (n); visit (v) bisitahon
hair buhok
open, unveil (v) bukas
morning buntag
full moon (n) Dael
bulky, large (adj) dagkong
city (n) dakbayan
big, great, large (adj); smack (v) dakong
course, path, road, street, track, trail, way (n) dalan
easy quick, faster (adj); come here, hurry, rush (v) dali
location, place (n) dapit
border, margin, side (n) daplin
shortcoming, imperfection (n) deperensya
where (adv) diin
close by doulon
drug druga
both, two (adj); duha
available dunay
lying down gahigda
naked, nude gahuboun
ok, always gasige
disputed giawayan
guesstimate, estimate, comon-law husband, husband gibana-banang
disclosed, revealed Gibutyag
brought, carried gidala
appealed, bargained Gihangyo
done, made gihimo
mentioned giingong
anxiety, worry, concern Gikabalaka
contraversial GIKAGUBTAN
forbidden ginadili
whistle gipitohan
wrap, wraparound gitapis
believed, supposed gitouhang
due gumikan
indeed, should gyod
chief hepe
talkative hinabi
issue, topic HISGOTANAN
chitchat, excuse me tabi
bare, naked, nude hubo
top babaw
upper above ibabaw
their, theirs ila
their, theirs (ila +ang) ilang
Inspector Inspektor
hers, his, its iya
hers, his, its (iya+ang) iyang
quantifier, you (synonym ikaw) ka
concubine, courtesan, hook up kabit
concern, include (ka + labot) kalabot
concern, include labot
them (ka + nila) kanila
them nila
excess, surplus kapin
height, tallness katas-on
long, tall taas
instead, because kay
this kini
color kolor
comment komento
if kung
mere, just, only lamang
body lawas
fleeting, transitory, transient lumalabay
be broke Macapagal
misbehave magpabadlong
interview (mag+pa+interbyu) magpainterbyu
run over ligis
play in trafic magpaligis
visible Makita
run over maligsan
denim cloth malong
denim cloth maong
knowable (ma+sayran) masayran
inform sayran
be angered, be enraged (ma+suko) masuko
angry, mad suko
verifiable (ma+suta) masuta
verify suta
there is May
May (month) Mayo
half medya
among, many, about mga
arrived, reached (mi+abot) miabot
out, get out, go out, exterior gawas
excited, went out (mi+gawas) migawas
appeal, bargain hangyo
appealed, bargained (mi+hangyo) mihangyo
bed down, die higda
lied down (mi+higda) mihigda
comment (mi+komento) mikomento
minute minuto
already, that (kana) na
accepted or received (na+dawat) nadawat
story naestorya
interchang, exchange, swap (nag+binayloay) Nagbinayloay
discuss, mention hisgot
discussing (nag+hisgot) naghisgot
naked (nag+hubo) naghubo
acquire, possess hupot
possessing (nag+hupot) naghupot
tall and straight, grapple layog
grappling (nag+layog) naglayog
shame (ka+ulaw) kaulaw
insult, offend (nag+pakaulaw) nagpakaulaw
calumny, ridicule (pa+kaulaw) pakaulaw
ashame, embarrass, put off ulaw
age edad
aging (nag+pangedaron) nagpangidaron
mediate (nag+patunga) nagpatunga
center, half, middle patunga
responded (nag+resonde) nagresponde
respond responde
happen, occur hitabo
like, such, thus, say ingon
said, mentioned (na+ingon) naingon
escort, guard, sentry bantay
guarding (naka+bantay) nakabantay
witnessed (naka + saksi) nakasaksi
eyewitness, witness saksi
saw (na + kita) nakita
turn, seed, wind liso
went bonkers (na+lisoan) nalisoan
noticed namatikdan
helped, assisted natabang
ing (affix) nga
forward, there, to ngadto
why? (ngano + ng) nganong
go, go to adto
that went niadtong
disclose, reveal butyag
disclosed (ni+butyag) nibutyag
mentioned (ni+ingon) niingon
niini niini
them, they (nila ang) nilang
grapple nilayogay
by, this ning
and and
a, an og
still yet pa
arrive, reach abot
arrival pag-abot
write, letter pagsulat
family pamilya
still yet pang
outlook, reason pangisip
mental, intelligence pangutok
dead patay’ng
personal personal
cost, how much, how many pila
term, text, word pulong
white puti
resident residente
at, by, for, from, to … (prep) Sa
too (adv) sab
Saturday (n) Sabado
warning shot Salva
personal marker Si
indoor, inside (adj) sud
next, after, follow sunod
install taod
truck trak
because, due to tungod
first unang
then, after, later unya
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