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I have to go, I will go now… Mulakaw sa ko..
I arrived now Naka abot nako.
Where are you going.? Asa ka paingon?
You already eat? Nagkaon naka?
What is your viand Unsa imong sud an?
I am hungry now Gi gutom na hinoon ko
Please get my book at the library Palihug kog kuha sa akong libro sa library.
Im busy,im going somewhere Busy ko naa koy lakaw
You go get it Ikaw nalang ang magkuha
My phones low battery,i have to charge it. Nalowbat na akong celfon,e charge sa naku ha
It runs out battery quickly. Dali ra lagi ni siya ma low bat.
Maybe its damaged Naguba naman siguro ni siya.
Why you are late? Nganung dugay ka naka uli.
Too traffic.. Traffic kaayo.
Its raining too. Ga ulan pajud.
I have fever Gi hilantan ko
I have headache. Labad akong ulo
My body aches Sakit akong lawas.
Turn off the light Palunga ang suga
Keep the water slow. Hinaye ang tubig
Turn on the tv. I on ang tv
Please be quick Pagdali daw be..
Wait a minute... Kadali lang jud
Ill go ahead Mo una naku
Created by: dave_d00



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